Monday, July 21, 2008

Gold's Gang...priceless

Today would have been Bret's 49th birthday. In his honor, I chose to spend the day focused on gratitude for what is, rather than dwell on what might have been.

Today's post is dedicated to the early weekday morning gang at the Santa Clara Gold's gym who encourage by their own dedication, make you smile through the sweat and hoot through the pain even when your eyes aren't yet fully open. They're the reason you refrain from hitting the snooze (cuz they won't), the ones who save you a bike (when they shouldn't), work you hard (when you don't want to) and check on you if you're a no-show (or is that give you a hard time?). It's not exaggeration to say that if it weren't for these hearty souls holding me to year-round training these past 3 years, this old body could never meet the pedaling challenges that have motivated YOU to contribute over $25,000 to the Empire State AIDS Ride beneficiaries alone!

So here's to the critical component of my California training plan - my chubby little friends (who clean up good!),
spin instructors, "Wednesday is abs day" reminder, locker room sisters & road warriors at Gold's who, to me and the cause to which my fitness is committed, are PRICELESS!

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