Thursday, June 26, 2008


Unless you're a twin, most can't say a younger sibling attended their 1st birthday party. I can.

Bret was born 12 days before that 1st birthday and those 12 days became very special to us, playing out in a predictable ritual at the end of each July. On Bret’s birthday, either in the midst of the party, his favorite manicotti dinner or an overseas phone call, would come the words, “I caught up with you, Tra”. I remember turning the tables on his 30th by saying, “You caught up with me, Bret!” For 12 days we’d be the same age and I never really minded when my birthday added one more year because I knew he was right behind me. Until 1995.

I never felt older than the day I turned 37 without my brother. No, thanks to AIDS Bret didn’t follow me into middle age, didn’t lose the rest of his hair, get reading glasses or re-fill his teeth. Then again, he didn’t get to have a family, watch his career take off or reap millions from his early Microsoft investment.

This August 2, I’ll cross into yet another decade without my brother directly behind me but I won’t go alone, lightly or quietly. There’s too much yet to be done. Besides, Bret gave me a really swell gift. Wait til you hear about it…

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