Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time to Double Down

Day 2, Inc., non-profit producer of the Empire State AIDS Ride, is contracted to distribute 82% of donated funds directly to their beneficiaries. That's a phenomenal return for any fundraising event! It's important to me that you get the highest return on your investment which is why I so strongly support the Day 2 Inc. AIDS rides.

Because I ride on a beneficiary team, the ARI Breakthrough Riders, 82% of your donation is guaranteed to be delivered straight to the Breakthrough Fund of the AIDS Research Institute at UCSF. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Your donation to the ARI Breakthrough Riders could actually be worth more than double the $$ out of your pocket!

Double your donation right away by taking advantage of your company matching program - Motorola, Microsoft, Nintendo, AT&T and many more are happy to chip in when you do!

Next, encourage your friends to donate because the more $$ raised by our team, the more our team total is worth to the ARI. Watch our team total climb over $38,500 and the ARI also gets a share of $$ raised by riders not affiliated with any beneficiary team. If our total reaches $60,000, the ARI gets an even larger share! In the end, your donation could be worth double or even triple to the breakthrough science going on in San Francisco right now! Read about just one of the projects your 2007 donations helped fund.

Now make a donation, check for a company match, then invite your friends to get in on the fun. ACT NOW and I'll throw in all the pedaling!

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