Saturday, November 30, 2019

Red Ribbon of Hope

It happens every several years and when it does is usually most needed. Tomorrow is World AIDS Day. For Christians around the world, it is also the first Sunday of Advent, starting a period of growing darkness and hopeful anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ, bringing light to our dark places, love to overcome our fears and peace to a weary world.

I've mentioned before that Bret wasn't a fan of the red ribbon. To him, it was akin to a scarlet letter putting the shame and stigma of HIV/AIDS on a pedestal. It could be like that then, 25 years ago when fear and lack of information caused teenage hemophiliacs, successful business men, African virgins and suburban housewives, newborn babies, young people finding their way and yes, some who had gone astray were made to feel they deserved the terminal diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. Exacerbated by fear, most were deemed unworthy of love and denied care. Then hope stepped in and hope refused to quit.

What began with an angry, scared and tenacious gay community, joined by brave healthcare professionals and curious scientists, the challenge to name and treat the true culprit grew momentum and made slow, steady progress. Hope was present at the start and has never let go of this battered ribbon of red. Wearing it today is a reminder of the darkness through which we have come thanks to their persistence and announces to the world that we honor the sacrifices of the past and also advocate for the next breakthrough to eradicate the darkness and bring an end to the scourge of AIDS on our world.

This December 1, when World AIDS Day and the season of Advent collide, may that hopeful spark in your heart ignite into energetic action that educates the doubtful, loves unconditionally and acts to bring light to those still in darkness. Then hope wins.