Saturday, July 26, 2008

End of the Training Road

For the past 3 weeks my only riding has been on a spin bike or my California bike, both of which are quite literally less than Stellar. So though I was travel weary and not anxious for another solo ride, I pushed off on my Stellar from home for an afternoon ride through the valley.
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I knew it wouldn't be my elusive century but it did become this year's longest ride at 60 miles, I threw in 2 extra credit monster climbs and pushed it hard into a headwind most of the way.
It's been a rough training year for getting out on the road, putting in far fewer pre-event miles than usual, but a quick review of my training log shows that while I only made about 20 road trips (5 in California), I took more than 45 spin classes. That 10miles/class gives me right about the same time in the saddle as previous years. I guess this means I'm ready.

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