Monday, July 28, 2008

The Journey Begins

A lot of activity had to be crammed into my 48hrs at home between business trips this weekend but the critical pieces got done – my Saturday ride and yesterday’s bike packing.

The activity of cleaning, dismantling and packing my Stellar is a multi-hour event in itself, involving a hose, toothbrush, wrench and elbow grease. Speaking of grease, I’ll be scrubbing it out of my fingernails for days cuz I can’t ever seem to keep the gloves on!

Since I starting traveling to events, I bought a wheeled hard case for my bike several years ago. Funny thing is, the directions have nice little pictures that don’t include or make any mention of a bicycle having handlebars (I'll scan it for you when I'm back home). The first time I tried fitting bike into box took most of a day, 3-4 tries and a lot of cursing. Now I can take it down and pack it on a Manhattan sidewalk in 20 minutes though must admit that it never goes into the case the same way twice and I still rely on many handwritten notes all over those instructions.

Midweek, Stellar starts her Fedex ground journey to Niagara Falls and I’ll hold my breath til we’re reunited August 9. The journey begins…

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Anonymous said...

So the adventure is beginning!! You are so amazing!! Hey is someone gonna be 50 here pretty soon!! What is up for your birthday? I will give you a call to help you celebrate.
I hope I can get this to work today! Your blogs are so good. Some make me cry a little though! You are a great big sister to your siblings!! And a great "sister" to me!
Have a great day!!
Love ya!