Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Thank You

Two simple words that seem to lose their sincerity when often used though I tell you most sincerely I could not be more grateful for each one of you who has made a contribution to one or both of my AIDS rides this year.

Contributions come in as many forms as bikes on the start line. Hundreds of you contributed in a monetary fashion – small sums and large, some matched my celebrated age, gave several small amounts over time or threw in a few extra dollars to help us reach a critical milestone – but even more of you gave something of your heart through well-wishes, your prayers, asking others to donate, covering my absence at home, work or committee meetings while I rode, trained with me and provided moral support. Thank you.

I fly to New York tomorrow for the start of the inaugural NYCDC Ride for Research. Know that I go as your representative bringing hope to the journey of every researcher whose work can continue, every person infected by HIV, every human afflicted and affected by AIDS. We thank you very much.

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