Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 4 - The End is More than a Beginning


It's really too bad the Maryland DOT won't allow bikes on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge (NOT!) leaving 2 choices - load bikes & cyclists into vehicles or load bikes and put the cyclists on a 50' yacht ride to Annapolis with a little detour past the Naval Academy. Felt like quite an indulgence but also a nice cool break from pedaling.

Once in Annapolis, we took in a few hills through the last part of Maryland, entering DC from the NE. George Mason University staff, cheerleaders, and mascot cheered us to the finish line then fed us lunch at RFD Washington Brewhouse. Dr. Wu graciously thanked riders & crew noting we were working toward a mutual goal that would be carried into their lab tomorrow, bringing us one day closer to ending AIDS.

Thank you for your part in that mutual effort!

More pictures from Day 4

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Laura said...

Awesome finish line photo! And I love that you're wearing your PSR jersey. :)

Thanks for continuing to ride and for constantly taking on new challenges. You constantly say "thank you" for supporting you, but I sometimes forget to say THANK YOU for riding. You're truly an inspiration to all of us!

Safe travels home,