Friday, September 12, 2008

Day 1 - A New Journey Begins

84.35mi. 6.11hrs

The day began with 6 of walking out of the hotel and down Wall St. at 6:15am, dressed in our ride gear in search of breakfast. An hour later all the riders walked bikes and gear the 4 blks to the water to board the ferry for a choppy ride past the Statue of Liberty to Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

The morning took us through one horse farm after another with lunch on the shore of a beautiful reservoir. The afternoon flattened out further but midway to the PM rest stop the rain began and didn't let up -not in the pine barrens or acre after acre of cranbery bogs (yes, we even passed Ocean Spray!). It was a sloppy mess and all were happy to arrive at camp and a hot shower. BBQ dinner and fresh, local peach pies didn't hurt either!
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Anonymous said...

Hi there!! I am so bad, we just got back from vacation, without a computer and I had forgotten that the ride started yesterday. Ok back to the bad friend column!!! Sorry to hear about the rain, but the pies sounded good!
I will stay posted and will be thinking of you and all your hard work!!
You are in my heart!!

Love ya!

Tracy said...

Lori Duncan - Never in our lifetime have you even nudged the bad friend column. Thanks for being my first "follower" in more ways than one.
Always your best friend,