Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day 3 - Teamwork

After a quick few miles, we boarded the ferry for a relaxing 70 minute crossing, complete with a dolphin sendoff, from Cape May to Lewes to begin riding in Delaware.

The sun was hot early and never let up, reaching well into the 90s and though the route remained flat so did the headwind. Riders worked together all day long forming loose pace lines to help each other quickly cover the 75miles left in the day.

About 10mi out of camp the Hwy Patrol decided traffic was too heavy on the way to the Bay Bridge to be safe for cyclists giving us an opportunity to see similar teamwork on display by our crew. They directed us off the road and rapidly loaded cyclists and bikes into vehicles to "ferry" us down the busy highway to the safer road into camp.

It's really something to experience how quickly 42 people can come together to help each other over some high hurdles. The phenomenon never ceases to amaze and inspire me.

Oh yeah, did I also mention the (Tracy finally got her Maryland Blue) Crab Feast?
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Anonymous said...

Hi there!!

Hope today isn't as hot for you!!
Were the crabs good? Were those the kind we had in Columbia in the basement? I had never seen anything other than our good old dungeness!! We had some of that on vacation? I am thinking of you!! Happy ending today! You are awesome!!
Love you!

Tracy said...

The crabs were FABULOUS and YES, the very same as the basement variety - great taste AND a memorable experience!
Couldn't do it without you.