Monday, August 18, 2008

ESAR Epilogue

The next day, Cait & I took Kyle on a 5hr whirlwind tour of NYC before heading to the airport for our red-eye flight home to Seattle. Tired as I was, I couldn't sleep so closed my eyes and allowed my mind to flash through prominent images of the week that will linger in my memory, providing motivation, inspiration, consolation and joy for years to come...

- sharing Day 5 memories with Dan
- embracing momentum and learning the true definition of "rolling hills"
- Tuesday night's Reflection ceremony - something so simple that had been so missing
- birthday cake with Shane
- Diane's endless energy and magic in the kitchen
- hard rain, soft rain, every day a little rain
- Linda's special birthday treats - lattes, hot shower,massage
- two nights in BEDS with indoor toilets
- I will not mix drugs, I will not mix drugs, I will not mix drugs...
- your notes of encouragement carried and read throughout the week
- I still don't remember those 3 hills
- the middle of the night thunder BOMB!
- friends at the finish line
- impromptu disco party at Calhoun Center
- ride chats with Michael and Barry
- Woodstock!
- surely you know Barry Manilow

Though the dog did bite and the bee sting, these are but a few of my favorite memories of the 6th Empire State AIDS Ride. Thanks to YOU, the ARI Breakthrough Riders raised nearly $73,000 to fund cutting edge science at the AIDS Research Institute. A day without HIV/AIDS will be my favorite memory of all.

Special thanks to my husband, Steve, for making sure all my mobile postings were published for your daily reading pleasure.

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Anonymous said...

You did great! What drugs were you mixing, and did you get bit and stung?? I tell you I am a bit worried! That was cool you got to show Kyle New York. They are lucky kids to have parents like you and Steve! Hey and thank you too Steve for letting me read about the ride!! Tracy hope you are resting up a bit!

Love you!