Saturday, August 9, 2008

Day 0

Traditionally, Day 0 is the day riders and crew must check-in, attend a mandatory safety talk and take care of last minute pledges, crew assignments, bike checks, etc. It's an equally busy and relaxing day.

Our 3rd year here, we've developed our own little traditions beginning with an early morning ride on the Maid of the Mist - a soaker of a boat ride right up to the water's edge - a bridge walk to Canada and (this is pretty important) bike assembly!

I'm getting pretty good at putting my bike back together and, taking my time, was done in only 30 minutes! Tho' I still let Dave (the Bike God) check my work before the night was over.

Going to sleep the night before a ride is still a little like Christmas Eve as a kid for me. It'll be tough to get to sleep for all the excitement but Kyle & Cait are expected at their assigned posts at 5:45am so to sleep we go. Tomorrow will be our longest day.

ESAR Day 0: Niagara Falls


Anonymous said...

hope day one went well for you! you are really lucky to have both of your kids there with you!! ride strong and know we all love and support you!!! great job on the bike assembly!!

love you!

Steve said...

Hi guys. Hope you all got some sleep last night and were fired up and raring to go today. Looking forward to your Day 1 post.

Proud as punch, love you all.


Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone:

I hope things are going well for you. It seems like maybe you have similar weather there as you have at home.

Bill Evans

Andrea said...

We will hold down the fort here. Cam's party was good, Steve came by 3 times! We are keeping him stocked with chicken and cupcakes! Be safe. Andrea

Steve said...

Yeah, I got a cupcake, then on the way home one of the steps slipped out from under my substantial weight. I saved the beans but the cake is toast!