Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 1 - Last One in Doesn't Wait in the Shower Line

107.8 miles. 7.19 hrs

Not dead last but pretty close!

The morning dawned Seattle-cool with threatening skies. The rain held back for opening ceremonies at the Falls where this pic was taken because, as you can see behind me, wind blowing mist our way next to the falls was just as wet and cold but cleared long enough for a quick team pic and we were off! The cool weather was perfect for a long ride until the skies opened and dumped heavy rain sporatically throughout the day. Fortunately I'd carried all the right gear, as did most others, including some that were quite creative, like teammate Jon & Linda in their Maid of the Mist ponchos, knotted at crossbar height or Saran Wrap around feet to keep them warm in wet shoes.

Oh yeah, coming in almost an exact repeat of last year, what began as a flat tire only 1/2mi from the morning rest stop, turned into a long wheel/tire/tube fix that left me as the last rider back on the road, playing catch up into lunch. There, at least I found some company to schlep thru the wet and dry afternoon, finally complete my first century of the season, ending with a lovely dry, scenic pedal along the shores of Lake Ontario into camp.

Caitlin was there to check me in and Kyle brought me snacks and told me about his day - the camp crew chief says they set a record time setting up camp today! Then I was off to my cold shower; but this year there wasn't a line.

Today's ride is dedicated to Annie and Mom who also spent the day working hard, surrounded by water.

ESAR Day 1: Niagara Falls - Rochester
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Laura said...

Hey Tracy - sorry to hear about the rain but at least you were prepare with rain gear! Even though you were one of the last to arrive at camp, you still averaged 15 miles per hour! Pretty darn good if you ask me :) Sending positive energy your way for an awesome Day 2!

Anonymous said...

as usual, WOW!!!! man, i thought i was doing good on my old mountain bike doing 16 miles in 2 hours or so!!!! hope today went well for youa and you didn't have to get wet!
and a note to your mom in case she reads this, i am thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok up there!!

love you all lots!
kyle & caitlin keep giving your mom lots of love and hug her for me!!