Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 3 - Red Day

80.7mi. 6.11hrs. 38.1mph max

Every AIDS ride has a Red Day. Today was ours. The concept is simple - wear something red. The idea came about on an early AIDS ride - that a long line of red-jerseyed cyclists would appear from a bird's eye view as an AIDS ribbon winding across the landscape. It's a day for remembering those for whom we ride- those already gone and those who are now hopeful. In that respect it's a celebration and the evolution from "dress red" to "red dress" day has made it festive indeed. Pictured is Ride Director Marty in red prom formal greeting her hubby, Barry, who kept me company on the road today.

Another Day 3 highlight is the ice cream stop midway thru the afternoon. Made mine cherry in honor of the day.
ESAR Day 3: Sampson State Park, Romulus - Chenango Valley State Park

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Mobile blog will take a no-service break for the next few days while climbing the Catskills. I'll keep writing and post when I can.


Cindy B said...

I'm so proud of you, Tracy! Keep up the good work and try to stay dry!

Anonymous said...

hey there!! did ya see the Oreo cookie thing on the sign at the ice cream place!! Made me smile!!
You are amazing, keep on ridin'.
Have fun!!!

Love you!