Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Top 10 for ALC10 - Speaking of Gear

**original posting date June 4, 2011**

#8. No, I do not carry all my gear on my bike from point A to point B. Cyclists have the easy job when it comes to gear. Positively wonderful volunteers sign up to schlep 2000, up to 70lb, bags into trucks each morning, drive to the next camp and haul them out again. A roadie is a cyclist's ride hero.

This post dedicated to the 2 former gear crew roadies I love most - my kids, Caitlin and Kyle - and my favorite gear crew roadies on ALC10 - Chad and Toby - who have ridden with me in the past and made it possible for Jon and me to have solo tents for the next 6 nights. My heroes!

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