Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Amazing Grace

I spent Memorial Day on my last training ride this season  – the Seven Hills of Kirkland. If you know me, you know how I feel about hills. Several classic team stories involve my expertise at slow-hill climbing. Yes, I can go 3 mph without tipping over! But then, for this ride, a few angels showed up…

They showed up at breakfast in the form of several teammate/friends that crawled out of bed at a crazy hour on a holiday just to send Jon and I off as the Puget Sound Rider ambassadors on AIDS/LifeCycle.  

It didn’t rain. 

The climbs were long and often painful but the downhills were amazing – smooth, clear, fast and long! 

My favorite coping mechanism for getting to the top is to work through all verses of Amazing Grace in my head (cuz Elizabeth Sanders is the only person I know who can get enough air to belt out a tune on a hill climb!). If I needed any more proof of angels on our route, I need look no further than the top of hill # 6 where there stood before me a bagpiper playing, you guessed it, Amazing Grace.

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Anonymous said...

that is like my dad would say "damn near amazing"!! again i am crying just thinking how good that must have felt!!