Friday, June 3, 2011

Top 10 for ALC10 - One bag?

#9. Ziploc bags - Yes, that's a free plug for the brand as generics simply won't do. Over the next 2 days, 3000 cyclists and roadies choosing to follow the lead of the experienced are cramming gear into Ziploc bags, squeezing out all air and zipping them tight. This magically simple solution neatly organizes 7 days of ride clothes in a single duffel, protects them against the elements as your duffel sits out in camp waiting for your arrival, and is a safe place to securely stow the toxic aftermath of a day's ride. 2 gallons are pure gold and as easy to find. Freezer style. ziiiiip!

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Anonymous said...

Just call you Heloise Jr.!! When you are old and gray you can write a book with all your riding tips and all your adventures!! I want the 2nd copy!!
Love ya!