Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So that's how you do it!

One of the first questions asked about multi-day rides is if we have to haul our own gear. If I'm pedaling, the answer is an emphatic, "no." Sometimes I help pack the gear from storage but am then happy to turn the heavy hauling over to our quite capable camp crew volunteers.

Loaded truck (with me in it) is now headed to the official ride start point.

This post dedicated to my kids, Caitlin and Kyle, who've often worked as hard at setting up, taking down and moving camp as I have riding a bike.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! Forever working!! You are so good at this blog stuff, i don't even know how to make myself not anonymous!!!! Go figure! I do know how to google stuff pretty well now, thanks to my young co-workers who google everything!!!
You have a great ride and be safe!!
I will be thinking of you as always!!