Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 1

Atlantic Highlands to Chatsworth, NJ
85.55 miles in 5hrs 55min

Pretty amazing how a route can change by removing only one small thing - drenching rain. The 3rd time must have been the charm as not a single drop fell this year, the day was warm but high cloud cover kept the sun from scorching and the breeze held the crispness of fall in place of summer's exhale. What a difference.
Everyone rode strong, making good time to camp, but arrived spent. The dining hall sounded like summer camp, alive with hungry riders and crew. Then, because it's there in all its nostalgic 50s glory, we played 3 rounds of old-fashioned BINGO. Dr. Wu and a couple of his reseachers had to be taught how to play and, in his very first game, Dr. Wu was the winner!
Along the last few miles into camp, my teammate, Jon, reminded us we'd probably have to get up and ride tomorrow, a reference to last year's bus ride past the first, flooded 50 miles. Since he's right, I'll say good night.

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Tammie said...

BINGO, I played here the same night, what are the odds. Only I didn't win. There is a lot of beginners luck here too in BINGO. Glad to hear you used that recreational tool left for your enjoyment.
good night