Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

For all the packing fuss, one might think I didn't travel much. Alas, Alaska Air seat 7C was my twice weekly commuter seat for nearly 5yrs, though packing for a work week is a far cry from the prep involved in hauling a bike and camp gear on today's friendly skies.
It's been 4months since I last boarded a plane but little has changed. Security lines are longer once you've lost your "gold" status but I still have the rhythm down - slip on shoes, no belt, in and out in seconds. Alaska Air's staff is still the role model of pleasant and professional, and here is seat 7C, waiting to carry me on to Newark and the start of my 12th AIDS ride. Though there'll be no laptop business on this journey, the next 5+hrs will indeed feel like home.

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Mary said...

and I hope that "B" was empty for you too!