Sunday, May 18, 2008


No matter how much I enjoy the speed of a downhill, I can't seem to embrace the upside. Year after year, despite training & ever more spin class hill climbs, this ride leaves me feeling like a novice... with screaming quads!!!

Then again, I was traveling with the "Boeing Flyers" - my name for the Boeing colleagues of our Ride Leader, Jon, who must have jet fuel in their water bottles! I also managed to get off-course and earn an extra credit hill in the bargain. Maybe I'm being to hard on myself.

As for the ride, the sunny weather contributed more snowmelt to the bulging rivers that burst over Snoqualmie Falls with greater force and volume than I've ever witnessed. And at the end, there was beer. A good day.

Here's where I went:
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Here's where I should have gone:
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Several riders went off course today. Slaed called it the Ride of Blunders but Jon heard it as the Ride of Wonders and felt it was appropriate for "I wonder where Jeff is?", "I wonder where Tracy is?"... To his credit, thanks to the wonders of modern technology - cell phones & GPS - Jon stayed after his wandering sheep and regrouped the herd like the stellar ride leader he is!

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