Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bike to Work Week

This week my work commute was only as far as the downstairs couch but I woke up, pulled on my bike clothes and waited for an opportunity to take a spin around the neighborhood in honor of the day. And what a beautiful day it was! By the time I hit the road, my plans had changed to take me about 20 miles to my in-law's for dinner (food is a great motivator!).

My planned route would avoid rush hour traffic as much as possible though I was happy to note, and commend, the very aware drivers I did encounter. Same goes for the many cyclists on the Sammamish River Trail from Woodinville to Redmond who were more polite and definitely more cautious than any given day on the trail.

Drivers and cyclists - good and reckless alike. Everyone learns to watch out for pedestrians on the road but few understand their cycling laws which can vary state to state. Learn yours. We can all use a day to practice sharing the road.
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