Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Shiny Bright at Heart

Something about pulling down the duffel and rummaging for Ziploc bags brings on the urge to polish my steed. So I did. Though unlike years past, it wasn't in preparation for packing. The bike I'll ride from NYC to DC next week is already on the east coast. For the first time in 7 AIDS rides and nearly 20,000 miles, Stellar will stay home.

Under the setting sun, I lovingly scrubbed the season's rainy road grime off her frame and chain, buffed every paint scratch and noted how the mylar decal held long past her shiny new sibling's. All polished and clean, she went to hang next to her California cousin, under Kyle's racing numbers as if they could influence her into faster speeds.

Stellar has plenty more miles left in her but will welcome a break, much like her rider welcomes next week's flatter, shorter ride. She'll be back with a vengeance early next season when there's a chance of rain in the forecast, snow beside the road and the warmth of early spring sun in the air. We may get a bit rusty but there'll be no packing it in for these ol' gals. Not while there's a battle left to be won.


Anonymous said...

Hey, so you got a new bike? Well that is cool, but heck you just got a new paint job!! You have a great time on your ride. I see you and Tammie are riding together again, that will be cool! When do you leave? I will log in to keep track of you! Remember I will be thinking of you as always!!
Love ya!

Tracy Daugherty said...

Paint job went w/an overhaul that made a big difference - kinda like a new engine - but it didn't help the non-standard wheel problem that was becoming an increasing burden when I couldn't get new tires.
The new bike is also half the weight so SHOULD be easier to get up hill :)
Heading out on Tuesday and can't wait to ride w/Tam again. All the fun will be shared right here.
Taking your love in my jersey pocket, wrapped in my pink bandana <3