Thursday, September 10, 2009

Are You With Me Dr. Wu?

Admit it, you knew Steely Dan would make an appearance eventually... Our beneficiary, Dr. Wu gave a motivational send off to the riders this morning, then got on his Felt and slid right into our world of "on your left", "right turn", "HOLE!" Who knew we cyclists would make such an impression on our beneficiary that he'd buy a bike, commit to train and push thru the wind and rain right with us.
There was no mystery in how my fellow riders fell protectively in front and behind Yuntao (formality drops on the road), making sure no harm could possibly come to the man who could indeed stop AIDS.
Dr. Wu finished the day in the rain with the rest of us yet still had the energy to explain his HIV research over dinner. In fact, you'll forgive me if I get back to that now...

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Anonymous said...

You guy's are looking good, sorry to hear its wet and ugly out. It will be in the 80's tomorrow at home, miss you all. Your doing great, tougher than I!!