Monday, January 19, 2009

Taking My "Front Row" Seat in History

This is where you'll find me 1-20-09

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Anonymous said...

no kidding? you are going? that is great! wear your mittens! hey I was going to call you yesterday, but ya know how it goes. I just wanted to let you know that i spent the day with Bret and you on Saturday night in my dream! It was so funny we were just like the old times in Columbia but we were this old. I think it was because I read the blog about you two talking about the old times and it made me cry and so I think I was thinking of him too. Well hey tell the Obama's hi for us!!!!
Be safe in all that mess of people.
Love you! Lori

Tracy Daugherty said...

Oh Lori, that was just a premonition of today cuz naturally I couldn't come to this place without bringing you and Bret in my heart. That'll keep me warm indeed!