Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mightily Blessed

On my mind just now is one of the last lucid conversations I had with my brother before his death more than a decade ago. We were deep in a pity party over how our vagabond upbringing had left us without a hometown, people we'd grown up with, any memory of how a spot might have looked in the old days or the chance to mourn all that was lost in its evolution. We reached the end of our pathetic litany and sat in silence for just a moment before saying, almost simultaneously, "oh but the things we'd have missed!"
There are still times I pine for the comfort of sameness but on nights like this one, when that inbred sense of adventure turns a long business trip into a memorable night with good friends in far away places, I know the greater blessing is in taking the road less travelled and can only wish Bret was around to share it.

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