Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

I love snow and am glad I never grew out of loving it. True, it’s impossible to get anywhere by car and is no fun to bike in, falling hurts more on aging bodies and the dirty, slushy, melting mess isn’t so attractive but nothing beats the appeal of a fresh snowfall.

Consider the simple beauty of big, fat flakes falling through the air, the intricacy of each unique design stuck to a glass windowpane, the palpable quiet as a snow blanket muffles all sound, and the little thrill at any age upon hearing school is cancelled.

Often, a heavy, fresh snowfall is (however temporary) a free pass out of work, school, persistantly postponed yard cleanup, or any obligation other than snowman making, snowball throwing, hot cocoa drinking and gingerbread eating. And although he gave himself an extra hour to get safely to work this morning, last night my grown son walked in with a friend, grabbed his snowboard and headed down the street to play in the snow with the neighborhood “kids”.

The last time neighborhood kids gathered on the street to play? The last time it snowed.
December 2008 Snow Day

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