Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ride Reason

Prologue: Jersey worn on my Saturday training ride (pic is post-ride, i.e. done!). 

Chapter 1: 25 miles in, I arrived at one of my favorite pit stops where the bench is always shady when you need it, the restroom (flush toilets!) is clean and there's a new water bottle filler (thanks BIKES Club of Snohomish County!).
I parked my bike in the corner slot and greeted the cyclist sitting on the bench. She looked strong perched next to her fast bike and we instantly shared gratitude for shade on this hot, HOT day. 
Conversation naturally moved to what we were doing out here alone. Training, yes. She, for her first STP and me for the AIDS Vaccine 200. She must have glanced at my jersey when she declared "How great about the vaccine!"

My knee-jerk response, "It IS great how far the research has come but we're not there yet. That's why I ride." For all of one second she looked puzzled then quickly apologized. Apologized!! For not being better informed. Within another 10 seconds she was up to speed and that made training in HOT weather for 6 hours on a perfectly good Saturday completely worthwhile.

Postlogue: Mary, Jon and I are entering our third decade of riding for the same reason and we weren't spring chickens when we started. One of our greatest personal challenges is accepting the growing limitations of our cycling bodies and focusing more intently on the primary reasons we register, advocate, ask for your support and show up at the starting line - to raise awareness and funding to fight HIV and end the devastation of AIDS on the world. Your encouragement, prayers, good wishes, knowledge sharing and love make all the difference. You are the wind at our back and the fuel making it happen.

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