Sunday, July 18, 2010

Murphy’s Bike Law #12… or not?!

Chasing dogs only appear when you’re headed up hill. Wait! That’s not a dog! THAT’S A BEAR!!!! 

Not a black bear cub but, precisely as my friend Zummer once described cycling this same area, more like a “teenage bear,” barreling down the hill in our direction, ears laid back, looking over his shoulder at whatever had startled him into a sprint.

Seconds later, he’d gone his way and adrenaline pushed me and my brother, Adam, to the top of that hill with eyes wide for more wildlife signs on our way to Carnation. 

40 miles later, we’d seen several wild rabbits, a tractor show at Jubilee Farm, Camp Korey, a totally cool chicken coop and a large deer (albeit roadkill) before looping back past “Bear Hill” with quite the story to tell.


JonF said...

Whoa, we were talking about that on our Memorial Day weekend ride down the trail! I think I might have opted for the dreaded Issaquah-Fall City Road and that climb to the plateau rather than risk another near-bear encounter. You are made of sterner stuff than me! But we knew that.

I got 30 in today in the neighborhood, before heading up to the Sounders friendly.

Anonymous said...

Hey there girlie!
You are crazy and will never run out of stories to tell!! That is cool you have Adam to ride with you!
I will be coming to Tammie's on the 31st. That will be fun it's been to long. I am a little miffed, you could have told me about your dad!! I learned about him on Tammie's blog. I hope he is doing well!! Oh and my nephew Jon is home safe from Afghanistan, he got in late Thursday night. He and his wife Becky and their little one Max came to dinner on Saturday. I was the first in our family to see him, I think mom was a little jealous, oh well!!
Well see you in a couple weeks to catch up!!
Love you friend!!