Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrate That

Seems appropriate to return to blogging a new cycling season in earnest today, the 15th anniversary of Bret’s passing. Though I’ll never again experience May 5 without some sense of loss, there is more to celebrate in each passing year.

Today’s HIV testing is fast, easy and more readily available on a global basis than it was in the early 90’s. Once detected, treatments are less expensive, far easier to manage – think a few pills per day instead of handfuls of pills 3x a day – and much more effective.

Though some have experienced HIV levels reduced to undetectable amounts, no one can yet claim to have a found a consistently effective weapon against HIV and its fatal course to AIDS, particularly when paired with the dual hurdles of poverty and access to regular medical care. Still, a diagnosis no longer comes with the automatic 12-18 month death sentence Bret received. More of those infected with HIV are living longer, better lives.

Today, I celebrate that.

In memory of
Bret Marshall Granato

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Wow, I cannot believe it has been 15 years, almost like I can't believe it will be 7 years since Kyle died. Where does the time go?
I hope all is well with you. Not much new here. Same stuff, different day.
Happy Late Mother's Day!!!
Love you!