Monday, October 6, 2008

News from Home

Catching up on the hometown news, this from the Police Beat section of the 9/22 edition of the Woodinville Weekly.

Don’t take 25 guys in bicycle pants lightly
A group of around 25 bicyclists were on a ride on a pleasant evening last week in Woodinville.
As they were stopped at a traffic signal, an SUV containing four apparently juvenile subjects pulled up next to them and began to taunt them about their tight pants. At the turn of the light, the bicyclists proceeded down the street.
At this point, the driver of the vehicle pulled in front of them and began brake-checking, forcing the riders to take evasive action to avoid being struck. This continued for a half mile or so, until the vehicle pulled into the parking lot at Wilmot Park. The bicyclists also began to enter the parking lot.
The juveniles exited their vehicle ready for a face-off, but soon, all 25 cyclists arrived and even in their tight pants they apparently presented too much of a challenge to the juveniles, who quickly departed.
The riders reported the incident to police, along with the license plate number. Police will follow up.

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