Monday, April 21, 2008

California Ridin'

Seems I picked a good weekend to stay in California and get in a weekend training ride beyond my usual commuter route in the busy South Bay.

Confused? Yes, my home is northwest of Seattle and I generally train with the Puget Sound Riders in the entire area encircling, where else, Puget Sound. But for the past 3+ years I've worked in Santa Clara, CA, flying down Monday mornings, returning Friday afternoons. Three weekday spin classes and weight training couldn't quite make up for missed saddle time so 2 yrs ago I bought a my California bike and joined some colleagues on after-work explorations of South Bay bike trails. Last year I ventured over to the East Bay, joining Debi on her weekly homebound commute. We had a great time and some interesting adventures even while dodging Silicon Valley rush hour traffic!

For many years I'd heard of the beautiful Bay Area rides but had never experienced one. Lucky for me, Jill is training for the AIDS Lifecycle and was up to giving me a taste of California training. What a fabulous ride on a glorious spring day - cool by CA standards but just right for me.

**Enroute surprise - About 2 miles in, I recognized the neighborhood though I hadn't travelled past that church and reception hall since my wedding day 27 years ago!
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My "ride" bike will always live in Seattle but I'm a lucky girl to have a back-up ride home in California!

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Tracy Daugherty said...

How sad I had to be reminded that my home - that place where my "ride" bike lives along w/my husband, bird and mortgage payment - is actually northEAST of Seattle.
Yes, Mary, I must have been distracted by my love of the great northWEST in general when making that faux pas. Thanks for the correction!