Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sign of the Times

Saturday, I biked outside for the first time this season. Today, I mailed my first batch of fundaising letters. Two signs that my Ride season has begun in earnest.

Tonight I drove into Seattle. Frequently I think of Bret when downtown because he introduced me to all the nooks and crannies of the Emerald City. On this trip I could feel my brother's spirit everywhere - down the dark street near the U where we parked for a Huskies game and into the neighborhood where I got lost trying to find his apartment. Heading out over the floating bridge, past the dock where Bret revealed his AIDS diagnosis to me, I was overwhelmed with a sense of loss so did the natural thing to distract my mind - changed the radio channel. There, Stevie Nicks began singing"Landslide", the trademark song of good times and happy memories riding with my brother.

Yes, another Ride season has begun and I get the message Bret approves.

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shans said...

Tracy, you are an amazing women in so many ways and you gave me chills describing your trek into Seattle and your brothers presence, he will always be with you, no matter how much time goes by. He will forever be your inspiration and with that you will inspire others.